Tuesday, December 19, 2006

kubuntu experiences

Their have been small glitches as I use kubuntu day to day, but none of them have been show stoppers, and I continue to use the system pretty often.

The first glitch was when I installed Kubuntu on my desktop. The CD I have burned is dapper. Edgy is the latest version of the distro, and since I'm lazy, I just install dapper, and let update me to edgy. The process I roughly follow is install dapper, edit /etc/apt/sources.list, and replace all entries for dapper with edgy (in VI:%s/dapper/edgy/g) , sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. This worked fine for me on the desktop.

The desktop however started having problems with X11/kdm. The first time X11/kdm wouldn't start. Logging in on the console, and starting X manually worked. The second time, kdm wouldn't start, and the console was messed up too. Rebooting the machine seems to have fixed everything. I havent' had to mess with the config files yet.

Installing dapper on another machine gave me a new kind of problem. This machine needed LaTeX. I installed dapper, and this time I was so lazy, I figured I'd just use dapper. So, I did "sudo apt-get install latex". Problems. I did all sorts of stuff (must start taking notes), yet latex would'nt install due to broken dependencies. After some futzing, I gave up. Reinstalled dapper, upgraded to edgy, and low and behold, latex installed!

And we need better WPA2 support in Linux!

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