Thursday, December 21, 2006

Vista Experience

I'm beginning to get a little disappointed with Vista. It was working quite well for me the past few days, but I've been having application issues as days go by. First vlc-0.8.6 wouldn't play properly, it gives me a black screen instead of video. Switching back to 0.8.5 works, but then it disables aero. Then I had the problems with IE7 crashing yesterday. And today while doing video chat on Skype, I got a bluescreen, and the system rebooted. Now all of this could be a result of third party software, but thats my point. If an application misbehaves, the OS shouldn't crash.

While transferring data via scp, my wireless connection died. All other machines worked without any problems. I had to plug in a network cable.

World of Warcraft keeps crashing on me, a few minutes after I'd start it up.

Plus, a 40 gig harddrive is no where near a decent amount of disk space for Vista. Granted I have quite a bit installed (Office 2007, Visual Studio 2007, world of warcraft, warcraft3 being the heavy hitters) I still should have had more than a gig left at least!

Oh well, I guess the honey moon with Vista is over, and all the little problems are cropping up now! :)

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