Thursday, January 11, 2007

IE removal

He found using another browser a jolting experience. He was setting up a router for the legal team, so they could get their email there, because the lawyers were struggling with it, and lo and behold, the software that came with the router overrode his preference -- set for Mozilla's Firefox -- and insisted on launching IE instead. Not only that, but although he tried to override it, his system insisted on running IE instead of Firefox henceforth.

Reading this article on Groklaw reminded me of a similar situation that bothers me in windows.

Firefox is set as the default browser on the system. If in MSN/Live messenger you click on the mail icon to check your email, the browser launched is IE. Irrespective of what access defaults you have set. This is stupid. Each time Microsoft comes out with a new version of messenger I hope that they will respect the settings I have for my browser. No such luck yet. In this day and age I refuse to accept any reason for not respecting a users choice of web browsers!

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