Friday, January 12, 2007

new browsers

Firefox 3 Plans and IE8 Speculation - Browsers Heading Apart Again version of Firefox, codenamed "Gran Paradiso". The target release date is sometime in the third quarter this year and it hopes to release a major version of Firefox every year.

Also in the works is Microsoft's IE8. According to, a Microsoft official at CES told them that work has already begun for IE 8 and it may be released as a final product "within 18-24 months".

Umm ... wow. 18-24 months?!? From what I had been reading I thought Microsoft had learnt its lesson, that is to release fast and often. But just look at the firefox dates and Microsoft dates.

Its becoming more and more apparent that for large projects open source development model is far faster and achieves better results. Just look at Firefox vs IE, or Ubuntu vs Vista. Heck even Python/Ruby vs. C#/Java (thought I'm not really too sure about this last one yet).

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