Saturday, February 17, 2007

On Dell...

Wow... look at the thread on Dell at techmeme. Nice.

Here is Micheal on what ideaStorm is.

Man I wish my Dell I ordered yesterday would get here. I might have an ideastorm or two. It shipped yesterday.

I found this on
TechCrunch points out, however, that IdeaStorm does not arrive without a question mark. Marshall Kirkpatrick, the article’s author, writes, “the second most popular submission as I write this is a call for a separate, internal IdeaStorm site for Dell employees. That makes me question how enthusiastic Dell’s employees will be about IdeaStorm.”

And my question is, as a Dell employee why would I want a separate site? I'm a customer too! Maybe I'm missing something.

And I found this interesting as well:
Update 2: I find is disappointing that after months (or is it years now) that the blogosphere has criticized Dell to listen and join the conversation that when Dell does something potentially amazing that folks miss the whole point and make it a Dell copies Digg meme rather than focusing on what’s really important –Dell is opening up to build better products.

Friends, please see the forest, not the branches on the trees.

Now if only we could get Robert Scoble hooked up with Lionel Menchaca for an interview!

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