Saturday, February 24, 2007

worldofwarcraft, vista and intel 945GM

I've had the problem on Vista ultimate where running burning crusade would cause the screen to go black, come back, and a message to appear in the task bar saying that the driver stopped responding, and has been restarted. This was distracting and the more you played, the faster the driver would stop responding.

According to this forum thread, installing the latest drivers fixed the problem. The only problem was that each time I tried to run the installer, it would say that the driver has not been verified and would not be installed.

To get it to work, I ended up downloading the zipped driver, going to start (or that icon thing in vista), right click on computer, and go to manage. Click on device manager, display adapters, and right click on the Intel 945GM adaptor. Choose Update Driver Software, Browse My computer for driver software, let me pick from a list of device driver drivers on my computer, have disk, and browse to where you unpacked the zip file, and go into the graphics directory. Choose igdlh and then open. The driver should install, and hopefully you won't have the "driver not responding again".

Happy warcrafting!

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