Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Controvertial titles...

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Open Source is Dead
"This is why Open Source is dead, as it will cease to be relevant in a world where most consumers of software actually use services as opposed to installing and maintaining software that is 'distributed' to them. "

He is talking about web based software. I don't think that all software can be replaced by web based software. And for that kind of software, just look at the activity at planet kde or and tell me open source is dead?!? A blanket statement like that makes no sense, unless you want to grab attention.

And as far as web based software, I doubt open source is dead their either. What gives me hope is this bit from Dave Winers blog:
What do you think? Is Twitter important, like web servers, or blogging software, so important that we should have an open source implementation of something that works like Twitter and can connect up to Twitter?

From what I understood from that bit, Dave Winer thinks an important service should be open. That seems common sense to me.

Just the other day I found this cool app called kflickr. Its an open source app linux based application, that uses the open services of flickr to allow uploading pictures. Thats how I uploaded the last few pics to flickr and then blogged them here.

Originally uploaded by awasim.

How about the web application framework Django? Just check out the screenshot!

Just look at my last two posts. How is open source dead?

Far from it. Its thriving. And we have to bolster applications that are open source or that have an open API. Not work the other way around.

We have to think of how are we going to create an open thriving environment on the web. We should be thinking along these lines:
... and the solution is probably going to have a lot more to do with Open Data than with Open Source.

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