Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dell Opens a Poll On Linux Options

Dell Opens a Poll On Linux Options
"'In response to overwhelming user demand for Linux, Dell has posted a survey on a company blog that asks 'PC users to choose between Linux flavors such as Fedora and Ubuntu, and to pick more general choices such as notebooks versus desktops, high-end models versus value models and telephone-based support versus community-based support.' Votes will be collected through March 23, and Dell plans to use the feedback to begin selling Linux-based consumer PCs.' The poll is pretty minimal. Wonder how much it will really guide Dell's choices."

Lionel told me about this pole on my meetup yesterday, and this is definitely interesting. Dell seems to be seriously interested in Linux after demands from customers. Personally I don't really care what distro gets offered. What I am more concerned with are Dell systems that are certified to run Linux. Which means that you no longer have to pick and choose the hardware.

For instance, when I buy a laptop, I have to make sure that the hardware in the laptop will have Linux drivers, and drivers that work well. Now I should be able to just select a system without worrying about the level of driver support. For example, I always choose a system with the Intel 3945g wifi, since it has the best driver support in Linux as far as I know.

(Via Slashdot.)

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