Thursday, March 15, 2007

RHEL 5 - from the new, more open Red Hat

RHEL 5 - from the new, more open Red Hat :: Linux Format :: The website of the UK's best-selling Linux magazine
"In case you didn't realise, Red Hat has launched its Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 operating system at Cebit and, more importantly, overhauled its corporate infrastructure to more closely involve the open source community."

Its interesting that RHEL 5 is supposed to be more open to the open source community. It seems while everybody was trying to be more open to the open source community Redhat was going the opposite way.

The trend for me has been redhat was the linux distro I started working with. Then moved to SuSE. Then in between came a bunch of distros like yoper, and lately its been Kubuntu.

I tried gentoo, but when I had time, I didn't have a machine that I could compile gentoo on in a timely fashion. Now that I have the machines, I don't have the time. Sigh. The first thing a coworker of mine did when he joined the company I worked for in the past was install Gentoo on his machine. Three days it took him to get things right. I just don't have that kind of time, at least not yet. One of these days...

Now Redhat is too enterprise centric, and SuSE has that cloud hanging over it with the Microsoft deal. I have no problems with Kubuntu and am sticking with it, both as a desktop OS and a server OS. I wonder if yum solved the dependency hell problem?

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