Sunday, May 06, 2007

breaking the web...

I tried writing a post about a topic, but I couldn't put it in a more eloquent way than Mark Pilgrim, so I'll let him talk:

Reactions? “The web just got richer.” Well, somebody’s getting richer, but I doubt it’s gonna be the web. And did you hear the news? You’ll write it one time, and test it one time (for real this time, we promise). And Microsoft “rebooted the web.” I guess that’s all you can do after freezing up for five years. Hey, look over there, shiny objects! That poster may as well be titled “Fucked 6 Ways From Sunday,” because that’s what you’ll be if you buy into any of this.

Sigh. I used to have the strength to argue against such foolishness. Nowadays I’m reduced to nothing more than Grey’s-Anatomy-esque catchphrases. Seriously? Seriously? Do I really have to explain why this is a bad idea? Again? To a bunch of technological virgins who haven’t been fucked yet? Seriously?

He's angry isn't he! Me too.

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