Thursday, May 17, 2007

feed reading...

Robert Scoble is interviewed by Tim Ferris, about how he reads his blogs on digg. Unfortunately, the digg effect has come into play, but their is a mirror.

Robert mentions that he doesn't have many of the high traffic sites in his feed reader. I realized a few weeks ago that high traffic sites might not be good in an RSS reader, and removed sites such as digg and reddit, and focused on blogs. And the amount of feeds I have is now just growing. I have around 178 feeds, which is real small compared to Scoble, but they are increasing every day. I can always go and read digg and such later.

I'm surprised how many people still don't read feeds in an RSS reader or don't know about feeds. This video should be useful for people who might want to know how to read RSS feeds.

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