Thursday, May 10, 2007

Five killer apps for kubuntu

Its rare that I come across applications that I haven't used, andeven more rare is that I find them interesting. I found two today. Katapult is something I must try out. I've been looking for something like this for a while. Even more surprising is they are KDE apps. How did I not know about these!
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4) Yakuake
This is a front-end for the KDE terminal client Konsole. While it doesn’t seem like too much, the convenience involved with hitting just one key and having your terminal slide out of the top of the screen (and retract when not in focus) is awesome. Nixternal turned me on to this one and I must say it is exactly what keeps me in Kubuntu. (for the record, Ubuntu has something like it, but not nearly as nice, in Tilda)
1) Katapult Unlike Yakuake, the other time saving application in my list, this app comes pre-installed with Kubuntu. There really isn’t much to it, aside from not ever having to use menus to find your applications… just alt-shift and start typing the name, it will fill it in for you (think Quicksilver, for you Mac users). You can open programs, files, use a calculator, etc. By far my favorite part of kubuntu, and one not easily replicated by any program under the GNOME desktop.
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