Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So, when will KHTML merge all the WebCore changes? | www.kdedevelopers.org

So, when will KHTML merge all the WebCore changes? | www.kdedevelopers.org: "Code in Safari is hugely inconsistent and changes are always interdependent. There's basically no way of merging in one change without bringing a whole bunch of others in. And you know what? Don't even tell me about merging stuff like render_canvasimage.[h,cpp]. It outright uses OS X api's. We'll never be able to merge that in - someone will have to implement it. And what's going to happen when someone does? Some jackass on /. or some other equally stupid site will be praising Apple."

For those of you wondering why it takes so long to merge Apples changes for Safari into konqueror, please go read that post above.

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