Monday, November 05, 2007

Operating Systems

Whats with new operating systems these days? I've heard/experienced complaints about all the new operating systems that have been released lately:


Perhaps its because none of these operating systems brought forth a revolutionary change to offset the discomfort of moving from your older OS.

From a users perspective the most useful Leopard feature for me was Spaces. On Linux I use Windowmaker as my window manager which has had virtual work spaces for years. And yet Leopard still didn't get it right. Of course there is technical goodness (dtrace), but their is also badness (java6). If only that was it. Now leopard causes major data loss!

I've been lazy about upgrading to gutsy so I am not really sure if their are real problems there. I hope not.

Maybe I should try switching to this. All I need to do is find a laptop that will run it well. Its a new release like the operating systems mentioned above, and I haven't heard anything bad about it yet! :)

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