Tuesday, January 08, 2008

10 Questions On Innovation to Alan Kay

10 Questions On Innovation to Alan Kay:

"So the price today is much higher than when mainframe people were calling us crazy for trying to do personal computing. That was nothing. What's harder today is that people think they've got personal computing and they don't really. The analogy here is between the jump from non-literacy to the printing press (which might be fought but the chasm that is to be crossed is clear) vs. the much trickier one of trying to explain to a culture that has the printing press and universities that it is not very well educated and thinks pretty poorly (for example, the US is in this general state -- it has the trappings but not the perspective to see how poorly educated most 'educated people' actually are)."

Emphasis is mine. I just thought it was a really interesting thing to say. I tend to agree with the emphasized quote.

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