Sunday, January 06, 2008

So what did Bill Gates say in his keynote?

bill gates keynote 2008
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I tried very hard to watch Bill Gates keynote at I really did.

Lets not talk about the fact that microsoft can't get their web pages to look any good on a mac running firefox. Or get sound to play properly, had to strain really hard to hear anything. Or if you tried to click on "view in default media player" a new page would open and then nothing. But its a microsoft keynote I'm trying to run on a mac, so lets not talk about that.

Lets talk about the web page itself. That has nothing to do with the mac right. Well, the size of the video was so small. I mean live streaming video from a cell phone at from scoble looks better than that microsoft video. I guess can't really blame Microsoft. They are apparently still trying to catch up to youtube, kyte, seesmic, qik, mogulus and others.

In the picture you see bill gates in that tiny video. On the side is this really big picture of some weird dude. Well that picture kept changing. Over and over and over. How the heck am I supposed to watch that teeny tiny video while those pictures are looping on the side.

But thats not all. You see that purple coloring around the video. It kept changing colors too. Freaking blink tag redux!

I know Microsoft is working at catching up to the internet, but its CES 2008!! When are they going to catch up?

And what the heck did Bill Gates say?

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