Sunday, February 17, 2008

Playing with Windows Server 2008

I have an ancient machine, a beige box inherited long ago from a departing roommate. Its a 1Ghz machine with 512MB of Ram that I use for testing things. Ubuntu runs pretty stable on it, Windows Vista installs, but their are no drivers for the network card. Its a 3com 3c905b card, and I've tried installing some old drivers that I found online. In Vista the drivers install, but the network card fails to function with those old drivers. Windows Server 2003 works fine on the machine though.

Windows Server 2008 Web Edition installs on the machine, however like Vista, the network card has no drivers. I tried the old drivers and unlike with Vista, they work. I'm quite impressed with the performance of the operating system. Its quite fast, I can tell no differece between Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008. I haven't done much with it yet though. Its just sitting their serving files for now.

Update: Just in case you're wondering why the screenshot shows Service Pack 1, like I was, here is a probable explanation.

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