Friday, March 07, 2008


Their are a bunch of new/beta web browsers out that I wanted to try. I setup a virtual machine to test these out. I've just installed them so these are just things I noticed starting out.

IE8beta  is out and it looks just like IE7. Theiie8beta-downloadfolderr is a button that allows you to emulate IE7 mode. Also while downloading the firefox 3 beta 3 I noticed that the download dialog had an additional note that the download was checked by the Microsoft Safety Filter.  Their were some rendering problems with one of the large pages I viewed but I guess that is to be expected with beta software.

I also downloaded and installed Fireffirefox3beta3-themeox 3 beta3 which has a new theme for windows that I noticed.  Not sure if I care too much for the new theme. It will be interesting to see the firefox theme for OS X though. One cool feature that I can already appreciate with firefox is the ability tofirefox3exitdialog save open tabs when you quit. Their were extensions that let you do that, but this is built in functionality so one less extension to go searching for. 

Flock has released version 1.1 that I downloaded though the initial interface is the same. I've only just installed these browsers, and still have to use them to tell if their are any major differences.

Update: Mozilla labs also has some new Prism stuff that I've installed on Firefox3 beta. I like prism because it lets you isolate some websites as certain applications. Gmail, Facebook amongst others are good examples of sites that I'd like to run with prism rather than as a tab in a browser. The new Firefox3 extension makes it really easy to create an application out of GMail and facebook.

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