Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Scoble asks if friendfeed is a techmeme killer or the google reader killer?

I still like techmeme, but I moved of google reader a while back... I like river of news style feed reading, and I can use a combination of http://planetplanet.org and friendfeed for that. It takes too long to read my feeds if I am using Google Reader. And then you can star items for later reading and all of a sudden its not fun anymore its a chore. Let the stuff flow in a river and you catch only part of the river when you have time.

The reason friendfeed got my attention is that I can follow all the various RSS feeds generated by people. For instance, Scoble posts in so many different places. He has his Google Reader Shared Items, his blog, twitter and flickr amongst others. It gives me one place where I can view all this content. And I can do this for a number of people. And they can do the same for me. I don't have to go hunting for all these various feeds that I want to read / follow.

The one change through friendfeed is that I'm not subscribed to anybodies twitter feed in my feed reader.

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