Friday, April 18, 2008

feeds, friends and echo

Looks like friendfeed is getting a lot of me too copies. Their is the german version called freundefeed reviewed by techcrunch.

If you have too many social newtorking aggregators (such as friendfeed and socialthing) you can use friendfeedfeed to aggregate them all.

Oh you want to see what the famous memes on friendfeed are? You could probably use almostfamous.

You want more memestuff... try readburner. Heck, if you want to really follow the echo, you must read techmeme, tailrank, rssmeme and readburner. Make sure to rinse and repeat.

Want even more of the same, try meme13. Ok so meme13 was supposed to get feeds that aren't that popular from the techmeme leaderboard, but I'm sure you're already subscribed to these sites, and are dutifully sharing them on google reader, or friendfeed or heck even facebook now. More of the same stories, Yay!

Make sure you follow a lot of people on twitter. You'll get a lot of pointers to much the same articles from all your loyal friends on twitter.

Even companies are echoing. AOL seems to want to echo Yahoo, unless I'm missing something.

Heck even this blog post of mine is an echo of stories about the blogosphere as an echo chamber which started here.


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