Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blame twitter...

Steve Gillmor has this article up on techcrunch titled "Blame Friendfeed".

In it he says:
"FriendFeed is a parasite service built on the back of Twitter"

What an unfair and provocative thing to say!

As a user, I joined friendfeed for the following reasons:
1. Aggregate all my RSS feeds (, blog, flickr and so on) in one place
2. To join in conversation around my RSS feeds and other peoples aggregated feeds

Do you see twitter in their above? In fact, twitter got in the way of me achieving the two items above. My first use for the friendfeed hide function was to hide all the twitter stuff. Their are a lot of people who like twitter and use it, but I'm just not one of them. My use of twitter is very limited, as opposed to my use of friendfeed. And friendfeed does a really good job of the two things I outlined above.

I'm just really surprised that someone like Steve Gillmor would write a rant as an opinionated user of twitter, and have techcrunch publish it. I have nothing to do with either service (twitter or friendfeed). Just like Steve, I'm an opinionated user (but of friendfeed) and this is my unresearched rant. Maybe this should go up on techcrunch too.

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