Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Google Chrome experience thus far...

has not been great.

The first machine I tried to install it on is a Windows Vista Enterprise system behind a proxy server. The Google Chrome installer is pretty slow in initializing... can't find an internet connection and dies. All other browsers (firefox, safari and internet explorer) work fine on the system and are configured to work with the proxy.

Second try is on a Windows Vista SP1 Ultimate system running on a tablet machine without a proxy. This is a fresh install of Vista. The Chrome install went along fine, and I managed to browse for ten minutes. A driver install required a reboot. After reboot, the browser would start up but give an error, leaving a sad face in the open tab. Looked to me as if the render process for the tab would die. After trying various things that I could think of... I uninstalled the browser and installed firefox instead.

Third machine I tried was a Windows XP Professional system which was running behind a proxy server. The proxy server is the same. Their are differences in the network connections (the Vista machine used a wifi connection, the XP machine used ethernet). The installer worked fine here, and the browser installed. I've been using the browser on a machine for a couple of days now. Google Reader and Facebook pages won't load in Google Chrome. Techmeme and Sitemeter load up fine. I guess this has something to do with the proxy. These pages loaded fine when the second system worked briefly.

One thing is for sure... Google Chrome is beta software.

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