Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On waving...


The trouble is, everything you type into Wave is transmitted live, in real time—every keystroke was getting sent to Zach just as I hit it. This made me too self-conscious to get my thoughts across.

The Google Wave chatting tool is too complicated for its own good. - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate Magazine


I ran into the above problem and it really does throw one off when composing a reply. There used to be an indicator which showed if someone was online. A small green dot by the name in the contacts list. But its gone. Now you don't know if someone is online at the same time you are. If you start replying they could be looking at you type your reply. What if what you type isn't the message you wanted to get across? You can't take it back. They either need to enable the draft button, or at least get the indicator back.

Its early though, and they are trying out new ideas. I had no idea there was all this nomenclature other than wave itself:

You've even got to learn a new nomenclature: In Wave, messages are called waves, which are themselves composed of smaller elements called blips. There's also another class of message called pings, which are meant to be more urgent than waves—though once you're done with a ping, it turns into a wave. Got that?

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