Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ubuntu moving to daily downloads…


Ubuntu is moving away from its established six-month-cycle and potentially to a future where software updates land on a daily basis.

Jumpin' Meerkats! Ubuntu moving to daily downloads? • The Register

Wow! Compare that with the commercial OS cycles…

Is this a good idea? Won’t this create too much churn?

Update: Turns out this story might be wrong

The stories have prompted a response from Engineering Director of Ubuntu Rick Spencer. Spencer says quite clearly in his blog yesterday that "Ubuntu is not changing to a rolling release". He goes on to say, "We are confident that our customers, partners, and the FLOSS ecosystem are well served by our current release cadence. What the article was probably referring to was the possibility of making it easier for developers to use cutting edge versions of certain software packages on Ubuntu. This is a wide-ranging project that we will continue to pursue through our normal planning processes".

Here is the techmeme thread.

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