Thursday, September 20, 2012

Do you trust the operating system that comes installed on your new hardware?

Brand-new hardware -- now with malware pre-installed! 
What Microsoft discovered is that electronics manufacturers' products were being compromised by insecure supply chains. In most cases, the manufacturers were buying, either knowingly or unknowingly, low-cost counterfeit software loaded with malware. Once the counterfeit software is installed, it's ultimately delivered to unsuspecting consumers.
Usually when I buy a new machine, I end up wiping the operating system of the system, and installing a fresh copy of an operating system. Sometimes its because I want to replace the original OS with Linux. Other times its mostly because I want to get a fresh install of Windows without the bloatware. Now there is another reason, though the article says the problem is mostly with vendors in China, its still safer to start fresh.

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