Monday, July 28, 2014

Customized Feeds

People are advocating for customized feeds.

I really don't like this idea. I've been moving cities/countries lately, and I see content based on where I am. Whether its Google or Facebook its just far more likely that a feed will show content based on my location. Sites popular in those areas will rank higher and more prominently in the feeds than if I was located elsewhere.

I don't like this. If I subscribe to a feed I want to see all content. Otherwise I wouldn't have subscribed to the feed. What you read, shapes what you think about. I want to see all the news, not just those items that people find compelling in that particular location.

Customized content gives you the impression that something is really popular. When really the opposite might be true. Yet because a reader moves around in circles where one view point is popular, it will seem to the reader that this view is the prevalent one. How can you make informed decisions on a topic if the feeds provide a skewed perspective?

And rarely have I seen content that is better when the feed is customized.

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