Monday, July 14, 2003

Browser Wars II

Amazing article on Slashdot. Everyone should read.

Some links I will read later, that the article referred to:
CSS Hints for Internet Explorer 5 (Mac)
Browser compatibility

This strategy might give Apple a little support in its own battle with Microsoft. I feel we owe it something for giving us Safari and for being very open for suggestions from the web development community. In the long run such exchanges of gallantry might lead to an alliance.

Well, the engine that Safari seems to be based on, is KHTML. That was developed for the KDE desktop environment on Linux. The browser itself is named Konqueror. I thought some credit should be given here!

I became part of the internet when netscape was king. I saw Internet Explorer pop up on the scene, as a very small contender, and become ruler. It took a very short time for it to do this. In just the same way, Safari did the same to Internet Explorer. So... this story is now old. There is no end to it. It seems from the article that Mozilla is set to take the spotlight away from Internet Explorer and reign King again. For a while. The only problem is that Mozilla has been ready for a year. I dont know what is going to happen to it, in the next few years. What kind of condition is it going to be in by next year? Is it going to suffer the rot that Netscape and Internet Explorer both suffered, or are suffering from? Opera is a good browser, but for me it has never been an alternative.

On Linux the browser wars includes these contenders, Mozilla, Konqueror and Opera. Opera is closed source, and Mozilla/Konqueror are not. Most distros have Mozilla and Konqueror included. Not Opera. Hence in a sense Mozilla/Konqueror take the top two spots. Konqueror had a slight advantgae of speed, but now with Mozilla FireBird will be lost. And Mozilla has more support. But I have great hopes in Konqueror. The speed with which it became a viable alternative is fascinating. I have great hopes for that Browser. I used to call it Internet Explorer for Linux.

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