Monday, July 14, 2003

Is RSS Stuck?

It's stuck because the RSS community is controlled by a small number of mail list flamers. A few people put themselves in the middle on the mail lists and express their opinions over and over, and ridicule those who differ, often attacking on a personal level. This has rendered the mail lists ineffective. Even new lists, even when they're moderated, descend into flames within days, chasing away people who want to get work done, and forcing those who remain to defend themselves. There are just a handful of people doing this, but they use flames as a filibuster, and it works. At times they coordinate, when one leaves, the next one takes over. I've watched their IRC chat channels where they plan these work-stopping activities.

I used to really like reading what Dave Winer wrote. I respected him because he made some great software, and what he wrote was sometimes controvertial but something I could live with. That has all changed over the past few days, as the debate of RSS has gone from bad to worse. Its not all completely his fault. But it has reduced the respect I had for him. He keeps turning the situation worse with each posting.

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