Thursday, March 04, 2004

--More Rants--
The more you see companies migrating to the internet, the more you see companies trying to adapt the old way of doing things to the internet. There is the RIAA and the MPAA, then there is the new conglomeration and so forth. All they have done is take thier old business models and try to shape the internet to this old model, when they should be trying to adapt to the new model. The only problem is moving to the new model requires wholesale changes, and the worst part is, it isn't sure if it will work. And companies dont want to risk it. So here we are in the interim. When companies are trying thier best to keep thier value, while trying to adapt to the new technology, and force lawmakers to pass silly laws that will allow them to keep thier strangle hold on thier respective markets.
Where am I getting all this from?
Some of it is from here.
--/More Rants--

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