Thursday, March 04, 2004

Working with Windows XP it just seems crazy. I find myself turning of all the ease of use features that have been put into the Windows XP interface. It is ugly, and not really an more easier to use than the older way of doing it. At least for me, they are making it harder to do stuff, because you have to find out ways of doing things that could be more easily done in older software. Windows just keeps getting more and more irritating as we move along. Are we actually making a system more easier to use. Processing power gets cheaper and faster as the years move on, but the systems only get more bloated, and even more stupid. We need more artificial intelligence, some real innovation. Not the dumb crappy system we have to work with now, that keep getting bloated because they have more graphics built in.

Thats why I like Linux. They have the crazy software on there, like KDE and GNOME that is just bloatware, with the same dumb ease of use built in like Windows. But They also have stuff like Window Maker which are functional interfaces that have worked for people for years, which have been steadily made stable, yet use very little system resources. They are as easy to use as KDE, GNOME, AQUA and Luna, and they leave enough resources to actually work with the system. No eye candy, just functionality. So you can actually develop processors hungry applications that have artificial intelligence or voice activiation or any of the other cool stuff that we were promised computers would have by now! You know the stuff that would actually make computers more useful.

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