Tuesday, November 23, 2004

snmp stuff

daemons on Redhat:

/etc/init.d/snmpd (daemon that sits and wait for a SNMP agent to make requests, and then processes them)

/etc/init.d/snmptrapd (Receive and log SNMP trap messages).

snmpwalk: communicates with a network entity using SNMP GETNEXT requests.

snmpwalk -Os -c public -v 1 localhost system

-O specifies output string options.
-Os Deletes all but the last symbolic part of the OID

-c sets the community string (public in the example)
(overriding the default community specified in snmp.conf)

-v specifies the protocol version to use.
(protocol options are 1, 2c, 3)

Sample Run

sysDescr.0 = STRING: Linux linux 2.6.8-24.3-default #1 Tue Oct 26 14:40:54 UTC 2004 i686
sysObjectID.0 = OID: netSnmpAgentOIDs.10
sysUpTime.0 = Timeticks: (1992) 0:0
sysContact.0 = STRING: Sysadmin (root@localhost)
sysName.0 = STRING: linux
sysLocation.0 = STRING: Server Room
sysORLastChange.0 = Timeticks: (5) 0:0
sysORID.1 = OID: ifMIB
sysORID.2 = OID: snmpMIB
sysORID.3 = OID: tcpMIB
sysORID.4 = OID: ip
sysORID.5 = OID: udpMIB
sysORID.6 = OID: vacmBasicGroup
sysORID.7 = OID: snmpFrameworkMIBCompliance
sysORID.8 = OID: snmpMPDCompliance
sysORID.9 = OID: usmMIBCompliance
sysORDescr.1 = STRING: The MIB module to describe generic objects for network interface sub-layers
sysORDescr.2 = STRING: The MIB module for SNMPv2 entities
sysORDescr.3 = STRING: The MIB module for managing TCP implementations
sysORDescr.4 = STRING: The MIB module for managing IP and ICMP implementations
sysORDescr.5 = STRING: The MIB module for managing UDP implementations
sysORDescr.6 = STRING: View-based Access Control Model for SNMP.
sysORDescr.7 = STRING: The SNMP Management Architecture MIB.
sysORDescr.8 = STRING: The MIB for Message Processing and Dispatching.
sysORDescr.9 = STRING: The management information definitions for the SNMP User-based Security Model.
sysORUpTime.1 = Timeticks: (4) 0:0
sysORUpTime.2 = Timeticks: (4) 0:0
sysORUpTime.3 = Timeticks: (4) 0:0
sysORUpTime.4 = Timeticks: (4) 0:0
sysORUpTime.5 = Timeticks: (4) 0:0
sysORUpTime.6 = Timeticks: (4) 0:0
sysORUpTime.7 = Timeticks: (4) 0:0
sysORUpTime.8 = Timeticks: (5) 0:0
sysORUpTime.9 = Timeticks: (5) 0:0

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