Monday, August 15, 2005

A splog here, a splog there, pretty soon it ads up and we all lose:
"Whats a splog ? A splog is any blog whose creator doesnt add any written value. Im sure some might argue that packaging data , such as news feeds or the blog posts of others is added value. I dont think it is. After all, thats why there are topics and  indexes. If I want information about the Dallas Mavericks, I can search for it, optimize it, and save it.  Because indexes are based on freshness, my searches are  automatically updated, freshest data first, as new posts are introduced."

(Via Blog Maverick.)

I'm not adding value?!? Or so says the above post. I on the other hand am creating this blog for myself. Its adding value for me. If nothing else then I'm becoming a better critic! :)

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