Thursday, September 28, 2006

flv video

Create progressive-downloading Flash videos:

" The easiest way to encode the video is with ffmpeg (available through Fink) with something along the lines of:
ffmpeg -i movie.dv -f flv -r 12 -me full -subq 5 -mbd 1 -b 150 -qmin 2 -qmax 31 -s 360x240 -acodec mp3 -ar 11025 -ab 16 -ac 1 video.flv
This will create a Flash video with settings of 12fps, 360 by 240 pixels, 150 video bitrate, and a 16 bitrate mono audio track. Now to make the Flash video support progressive downloading in all the major browsers, we need flvtool2. Once installed, run the following command:
flvtool2 -u video.flv"

(Via macosxhints.)

Thats a great hint for creating the videos. But how do you view flv videos, outside the browser? I've been using vlc, but its a poor experience. You can't forward/back in VLC. Is their another flv player for OSX? How about Linux?

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