Monday, October 02, 2006

screencasts, Linux and LiveWriter

I was trying to watch Jon Udells latest screencast on my Powerbook, but the screencast resolution is too large for a powerbook with a 12inch screen. It has a max resolution of 1024x768, so I had to switch to my Kubuntu desktop (1280x1024).

The flash version would not show video, I'm assuming its because the version of flash required is version 8 or above. The plugin installed on the desktop is version 7, I believe thats the latest so far for Linux. The wmv format wouldn't play, even though I had the mplayer plugin installed. The version that I thought most definitely would not play, the quicktime version, ran fine. This too was run by the mplayer plugin for the firefox browser. I'm just glad that of the three, their is at least one format that ran without a problem on Kubuntu.

The Screencast is about Windows Live Writer, the blogging tool that has been released by Microsoft. But I think the most interesting thing would be the use of the Live Clipboard. As Jon says,
There's quite a bit going on in this half-hour screencast. Live Writer is both a .NET-based WYSIWYG editor for blog posts and a prototype for the integration of microformats and Live Clipboard across a range of Microsoft products and services.

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