Saturday, October 07, 2006

More RC2 updates

I tried installing the NVidia driver from for my Quadro NVS 110M card in my Dell D620, but was not successful. The default driver has a rating of 3.1. I remember a higher rating after installing the driver. But none of the drivers would work. The 95 series would say no card found, and the 85 series driver, caused the computer to crash, requiring a boot into safe mode, to uninstall the driver, and install the old one from Microsoft. I guess its still to early to find a driver that will work for RC2, so I will have to wait. Aero works though without that driver, so its not that bad.

I also installed the latest version of Iron Python. I was surprised to find that it doesn't have modules such as os. Hence, import os fails. I guess Iron Python is meant specifically to work with dotnet only. I thought it was a complete python implementation. In my eyes, a complete Python implementation would definitely have the os module.

Mozilla and hypocrisy

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