Saturday, October 07, 2006

Vista RC2 so far

I installed Vista RC2, and I ran into a problem during installation that I hadn't run into before. After the files had been copied Vista resizes the video, and then asks questions such as username/password. Before it went to that screen, the video resized, and it was supposed to bring up that dialog. But nothing happened. The system just sat their doing nothing for about half an hour. It hadn't done that on any of the previous builds that I've tried. I thought the installation was fried. In any case, I hit the power button, with the intent to do a hard reboot, but vista seems to have understood that and gone into some sort of standby mode. I hit the power button again, and the system came up, at the right dialog. I entered this information and the installation went along fine.

I've been using the system for the past two hours and so far, I haven't had any problems. Its worked flawlessly after that. I haven't installed cygwin yet, I hope it works! Thats what got Vista of my machine last time.

Oh and I installed Firefox 2 Rc2 and everything seems to be working fine without any problems so far.

Also cygwin seems to have installed just fine, and I didn't find any problems with it like the last time.

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