Saturday, October 07, 2006

Pluggd, Woz, and seven minutes of Flock

Pluggd, Woz, and seven minutes of Flock:

"Woz (co-founder of Apple) was lots of fun tonight, had more than an hour of asking him lots of stories about his experiences at Apple and other things. Even talked about his love of Tetris, laser pointers, and the new US Festival that he’s planning for next year. The interview I did with him was the eighth speech he did today alone. Damn that guy has a lot of energy. I got three of his very collectable metalic business cards. I have more than 1,400 business cards and his is definitely the coolest. It’s all metal and etched out. He told me that someone sold one on eBay for more than $500. I’m not selling mine, though. They totally rock and I’ll treasure mine forever."

(Via Scobleizer - Microsoft Geek Blogger.)

Wow! check out that business card! Who wouldn't remember one of those!

I was surprised by the flock demo. Its shaping up to be quite an interesting browser. What worries me though that flock is a browser that is deeply integrated with web services. But I don't consider web services reliable. Their are three apps that I use that are each integrated into a specific web service.
  1. Cocoalicious and

  2. Marsedit and blogger

  3. NetNewsWire and newsgator

Each one of these has caused problems on occasion. The service is down, the client has problems communicating, something goes out of sync and the app is left not knowing how to sync back and the list goes on. If flock had been an extension for firefox rather than a fork it might have been different.

Still, I'm going to try out the browser. The demo was pretty good.

Anybody notice scobles shows are getting better at video quality. Looks like Podtech bought him a new camera! :)

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