Monday, November 27, 2006

Blogger Woes

Originally uploaded by awasim.
Yes, today is "Post about your problems with screenshots" day! :)

I've been having all sorts of problems posting stuff to blogger. Poor Blogger, Googles forgotten child! Marsedit won't post anything. Flickr makes you click again and again, but at least gets the post through. Google Docs is a hit and run, maybe it posted, maybe it didn't.

And then, Blogger says, update your blog to the new latest, greatest and superb Blogger Beta! Only to follow with "Sorry your blog is too big", or something like that!

Google please give a little attention!!

Ok, now I'll have to get ready for a clicking spree on flickr, dance around like a monkey, cross my fingers, and hope to God this posts to my blog!

Update: Also the wind must be blowing in the right direction!

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