Thursday, May 31, 2007

Amazing day

Wednesday was an amazing news day. Just take a look at techmeme from yesterday. There are two acquisitions in their, and they aren't even the big news!

Some items I noted that didn't get that much press perhaps are:

KWin Composite Brings Bling to KDE

KWin, KDE's window manager, has been around since KDE 2.0 (replacing KWM in KDE 1.x) and has grown to be a mature and stable window manager over the years. For KDE 4, however, there were a few people rumbling about visual effects, and perhaps KWin was feeling a little envious of its younger cousins Compiz and Beryl. While these new effects have created a lot of buzz around Linux and UNIX, long-term KDE users have wished they can enjoy the effects of Compiz/Beryl while still having the tried and tested window manager that is KWin. As a result, for KDE 4, KWin has received a huge graphical upgrade, with composite and GL support. Read on for more details.

I think this is great news. I've worked with Beryl and as great as it is, its not stable. If we can get some of that KWin stability together with Beryl like effects thats good.

And from Robert Scobles link blog:

Search coming to Google Reader soon?

Google let’s you to search your emails in Gmail, search photos in Picasa Web Albums, and searc documents in Docs & Spreadsheets, but almost two years has passed after its initial launch, Google Reader still lack of a search feature that many users long for, including myself.

Now, Martin Porcheron spot a few rules in Google Reader’s CSS file hinting the search feature probably on its way. (around line 88) The CSS code reveals that the search box will be placed at the right side of the logo.

And from lifehacker, How to build a Firefox extension.

And does anyone have a link to video of when The Bill and his Steveiness were on stage together?

Oh and apparently,

Google isn’t the only one going offline…

Come back tomorrow for another company that’s going offline. I can’t say more until noon tomorrow, sorry.

Any guesses?

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