Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Online Identity

My bank instituted a new security system which Jon Udell talks about here. The first time the option to enable the new system showed up, I deferred it for later. I was busy, needed to check the account quickly and get on with what I was doing.

The second time I logged in it was the same thing. The same the third time, but this time I couldn't delay. I was in a hurry, and I quickly signed on, filled the questions cause I had no other option, and signed out. Now reading Jons article I read this:

The primary anti-phishing feature is the named image. The idea is that now I’ll be suspicious if one of these sites doesn’t show me the image and label that I chose.

Ummm... yes. I remember having to choose a picture. Don't remember what it was though. Damn. There is just too much hassle with this system. What are the odds that the same won't happen to more people.

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