Monday, April 14, 2008

Adobe AIR for linux Alpha

I've been very impressed with Adobe AIR, mostly because of the two applications: twhirl and alertthingy. Also its really easy to get AIR applications installed on Windows and Mac OS X.

The installation is quite manual so far in Linux. First go to Adobe labs and download the alpha release.

Adobe AIR Linux.png

Run the commands in the above image to install the runtime. Once installed go to twhirls website and download twhirl.

Adobe AIR Linux 1.png

I clicked on the "Open with Adobe AIR Installer", and from their AIR handled the installation prompting for a few options. The applications got added to the desktop, but didn't show up in the KDE Menu. Once started their are some display issues as you can see below:

Adobe AIR Linux and twhirl.png

I guess the black area around the window is where the shadow for the window should be.

Not as easy to install and get going as in Windows/OS X but the experience is not that bad at all.

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