Sunday, April 13, 2008

kubuntu-kde4 problems

The alpha for kubuntu-kde4 refused to boot on the machine I mentioned in my last post, and the cd I burnt the beta release on was bad.

I successfully installed the kubuntu beta in virtualbox, and kde4 is beautiful. The first thing I did was "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade; reboot". This installed a bunch of packages, and the system rebooted. I login, and their is no kde panel at the bottom of the screen. Turns out klauncher segfaults.

Since I haven't got the beta to install on the desktop yet, I'm not sure if the segfault is a result of the virtual machine, virtual machine additions, or a problem with the kubuntu beta.

Update: Ok this combination seems to have worked for me. Install OS, do "apt-get update/upgrade", reboot. Install virtual machine additions, and then follow instructions on the following page to get the video to a resolution greater than 800x600.

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